The Xbox Series X|S Seagate Storage Card is 40% off for Amazon Prime Day — but act fast

Xbox Series X S Seagate Ssd
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If you've been waiting for a great deal on Xbox Series X|S storage expansion cards, today is your lucky day. 

Thanks to the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days event, we have an incredible savings offer on Xbox Series X|S storage cards, finally, shaving up to 41% off the usual asking price when taking into account the cards' recent price drops. For a very limited time, you can purchase Seagate's officially licensed 1TB Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card for just $129.99 at Amazon.

Want to save even more money? Western Digital's C50 Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is identical performance and feature-wise to Seagate's more established option, and it's actually cheaper right now. You can even get a free Forza Motorsport DLC with your purchase, and it's only $124.99 at Western Digital.

Seagate Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card 1TB | was

Seagate Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card 1TB | was $219.99 now $129.99 (41% off) at Amazon

The officially licensed products from Seagate and Xbox expand your Xbox Series X|S storage capacity by up to 2TB, with 41% savings on 1TB and 18% savings on 2TB. With these, you can play native Xbox Series X|S games with no issues.

Great for: Those who want more storage to play the best Xbox Series X|S games at the highest quality.

💰Price check: $129.99 at Best Buy (no Amazon Prime needed!)

👀Also see: 2TB for $229.99 at Amazon | $229.99 at Best Buy

WD_BLACK C50 Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card 1TB was

WD_BLACK C50 Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card 1TB | was $149.99 now $124.99 at Western Digital

Western Digital's official Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is the new cheapest way to expand your Xbox's SSD storage, and it even comes with a free Forza Motorsport Race Day Car Pack DLC (a $9.99 value) with your purchase. Now that's value.

Great for: Those looking to expand their Xbox Series X|S storage for the lowest price and also nab some free cars for Forza Motorsport.

💰Price check: $124.99 at Amazon (without Car Pack DLC) | $124.99 at Best Buy (without Car Pack DLC)

The best time to expand your Xbox storage

Installing one of these expansion cards is as simple as slotting it into the back of your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console (your Xbox will seamlessly and automatically expand your available storage for downloading games), and it's essentially the exact same as expanding the internal SSD in your Xbox. The downside of the latest Xbox consoles is that USB storage devices and older mechanical HDDs simply aren't fast enough to run most modern games. These expansion cards don't have that problem. That means you can play all the same best Xbox games with the same fantastic performance and load speeds.

It's undoubtedly convenient and consistent; I mean, you can rip these cards out of your Xbox and take them with you at any time, with your games and files intact. Xbox also makes it dead simple to move games and apps between your storage devices, so you can choose what you take with you. It's easily the best external storage for Xbox. However, it comes with a major compromise: price. Xbox Series X|S expansion cards have long been more expensive than more standard NVMe SSDs. Deals like this help ease that pain a bit, making it more affordable than ever to expand your Xbox storage.

For most people, the 1TB solution will suffice, effectively doubling your available space to install more games. Modern games are getting bigger all the time, with recent releases like Forza Motorsport (2023) measuring over 130GB on Xbox Series X. 1TB equates to about 1,000GB, although some of that storage will be lost to system files and the like. Still, you can easily install up to 10 larger AAA games on these expansion cards, or between 15-30 smaller games with larger titles thrown in. You can opt for more storage with the 2TB cards (or less with Western Digital's 512GB option), but the former still costs significantly more and the latter isn't discounted at the moment.

We've been using Seagate's Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card for three years now, and no one here at Windows Central has ever encountered any flaws or faults. CFExpress may be pricey, but it seems to be incredibly reliable long-term, even with heavy use. In any case, you can save a ton of cash by purchasing one of these expansion cards during Amazon Prime Day: The Sequel.

The Seagate Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card may have come first and is proven to be a quality product, but it's no longer the cheapest card on the block. Western Digital has joined the fray, finally forcing the prices of these cards to begin to come down. Right now, WD's alternative is a little cheaper ($5 less), and you can net eight free, new-to-Forza cars for the latest Forza Motorsport as long as you purchase through Western Digital. Act fast, though, because these discounts aren't going to last long at all.

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