I wish I waited for this INSANE Prime Day deal to get these JBL earbuds

As stated in my author bio page, music is a big deal for me. In the past few years, I've heavily invested in this hobby, getting soundbars, TVs with Dolby Atmos support, and more. These devices are extremely handy while I'm in the house, but I've found myself needing something that promises mobility without compromising the sound quality, clarity of the lyrics, and depth of the bass.

I've used some of the best headsets and best wireless earbuds, but none compare to the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds, in my opinion. I copped them early this year, parting with approximately $200. Looking back, this was a great purchase as my listening experience has been elevated to a whole other level, superseding my initial expectations.

Luckily, Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days event is before us, and with it comes great deals and discounts on amazing products. For instance, you can snag the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds at a discounted price of $89.09, down from $199.95. That's $110.89 you'll get to save, which translates to a whopping 55% discount.

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds was

JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds | was $199.95, now $89.09 at Amazon

The Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds are 55% off right now at Amazon and promise a great battery life of up to 32 hours. Its case also provides up to three power-ups, with Qi-wireless charging support. The earbuds also promise rich sound quality.

Great for: Travel, Long battery life, rich and quality sound. 

💰Price Check: $89.99 at Best Buy

Aside from the slashed price, this pair has many neat features that will revolutionize your listening experience, starting with its rich and "punchy bass to thrilling top notes" sound quality. My personal favorite has to be the capability to activate my preferred voice assistant using my voice while using the earbuds, including prompting Hey Google to control the device.

The mic on this device is also rather impressive, promising clarity and great reception on both ends. I've received a ton of calls and even attended work meetings using these earbuds, and the experience so far is very promising. The earbuds feature two outer beamforming microphones and an additional one to block out wind and other distractions.

While we're on this topic, the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds ship with adaptive noise-canceling capabilities to ensure that the audio quality emanating from this device is at an optimum level at all times while simultaneously blocking out any external distractions.

Why I'd go for this deal

JBL tour pro+ tws earbuds

(Image credit: JBL)

Aside from the massive savings, the battery life on these earbuds is insane. The device promises up to 32 hours of battery life, which is a big deal if you're constantly traveling and probably don't have the time or chance to juice them up again. 

Additionally, the case can give you up to three power-ups if you run out of power and can't access a power outlet. It's also worth noting that it supports Qi-wireless charging, which essentially means that you can charge the device without a cable. 

I can personally attest to the device's great battery life, as I recently brought them on a three-day trip. I didn't charge them throughout the entire trip, fully depending on power-ups from the case. The JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds are also compatible with a wide array of devices, including my Windows PC, which complements my workflow perfectly.

However, if you're looking for another great alternative, the Earfun Air Pro 3 also happens to be on sale at Amazon for $49.83, down from $79.99, and is right up your alley.

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